Gun Attack In Las Vegas

Stephen Paddock, a ruthless shooter opened fire at the Las Vegas concert. It is said to be one amongst the deadliest massacres. About 60 people were killed, and almost 550 people were injured. The festive crowd of nearly 22,000 people was traumatized. Stephen waited in the hotel room for three days and then opened fire from the 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay hotel. The Route 91 harvest festival of joy turned into an ultimate tragedy. He had 23 high technology weapons including automatic rifles. He fired for 5-10 minutes on the Sunday at approximately 10 pm. Before the police could arrest him, he committed suicide. The motive of this firing was unknown.

Stephen’s car had ammonium nitrate used for bombing, and his house had firearms, ammunition, and explosives. His second home was raided too, and police found electronic devices. The business owner from whom Stephen made all his purchases said that he completed all the necessary procedures and stuck to laws while buying the arms.

Donald Trump, the president of US, condemns this attack and said that laws for gun bearers must be revised. The ISIS took advantage of this situation and claimed that Stephen has converted into Islam before this attack and he was their supreme warrior. But the FBI later released a statement saying that Stephen was not connected to any terrorist group. Stephen waited for the final day of the three days festival targeting a massive crowd.

Stephen‘s brother said that he was a multimillionaire in investing business. Though he has a few physiological issues, he never has any criminal record. His father was a serial bank robber. Once he opened the fire, the crowd ran hither and thither. Many ex-army and police employees helped the wounded and saved many lives. Off-duty police officers did their duty correctly. Las Vegas became a mourning city reeling from the aftermath of the attack. All the joys and happiness evaporate into thin air. Many countries offered their condolences and support against the attack.

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