The ultimate movies of 2017 were La La Land and Moonlight. Finding Dory, Deadpool and Rogue one were the best pictures of 2016. Sometimes, movies with excellent casts and excellent storylines are not successful. BAFTA, Empire magazine and many others conducted a study and survey to pick up some of the best movies of all the time. The genres include family, romance, comedy, horror, etc.

Ø The movie Warrior, a 2002 release directed by Asif Kapadia won two BAFTA awards for its storyline. This is the story of a warrior in rural India trying to escape his past.
Ø A 2008 release, Hunger movie was directed by Steve McQueen. This movie shows the last week struggle of an IRA member. This was a BAFTA winner too.
Ø Red road movie was a 2006 release directed by Andrea Arnold. This is the story of female isolation.
Ø Me and Orson Welles was directed by Richard Linklater in 2008. The story is about a young man thrown into the New York circle of theatres.
Ø The reflecting skin was shot in 1990 set in rural America directed by Philip Ridley.
Ø Popatopolis, a 2009 release was directed by Clay Westervelt. This was understated in the beginning.
Ø In the mouth of madness movie was a 1994 release directed by John Carpenter. It is the story of a missing man, and an insurance agent goes to find him.
Ø The man from the Earth is an intellectual movie about immortality.
Ø Don McKellar’s Last night is a comedy about people prepping for the end of the world.
Ø The brother from another planet was a 1984 release by John Sayles. It is a science fiction movie.
Ø The streetwalker is an erotic movie demon seed movie of 1977 belongs to science fiction genre.
The other inspiring and beautiful films are:
Ø My life as a courgette
Ø The Hippopotamus
Ø Torrey Pines
Ø Mood Indigo
Ø King of Devil’s Island
Ø Bad taste
Ø Beautiful girls
Ø The last supper
Ø The Orphanage
Ø Living in oblivion
Ø Nightcrawler
Ø Adventure land
Ø One from the heart
Ø Void
Ø The island
Ø Wanda