The UNICEF and WHO has declared that the cholera outbreak is a massive one with over 2, 00,000 affected people by the disease. This country is already suffering from the after-effects of wars. The epidemic has led to the death of over 1300 people including one-quarter children. The figure is expected to rise. The dangerous disease has spread like wildfire in two months all over the constituencies. Almost 5000 new cases were reported a day. Due to the Houthi movement and oppression from Saudi Arabia, the country was under a thick loom. The hygienic conditions; health, water and sanitation systems were entirely a failure.

Yemen was dealing with the unofficial rule of the rebels. Their financial condition was critical. There was a severe shortage of food, drinking water, and the hospitals were filled beyond their capacity. No medication could prevent the children getting affected. The United Nations responded quickly by sending its teams from house to house. The medics explained the local people of all the care to be taken and the consequences of Cholera. But the people were helpless due to non-availability of clean food and water.

The moving pictures of the patients lying helplessly were sorrowful, but they did not get any immediate help or assistance from the other countries. Cholera is caused due to the bacteria Vibrio Cholera. It is a form of diarrhea caused due to the microbes in contaminated food and water. It makes the patients extremely weak and prone to other diseases. The disease is a life threat to the patients if they are left untreated. Efficient medication can help save the patients. The patients need nutritious food and clean water to recover from the disease. The population of Yemen is 28 million. 18 million people need humanitarian assistance, and the remaining population is suffering from famine.