Brutal Attacks On Iran

The first attack of the Islamic group IS on the parliament, and Ayatollah Khomeini mausoleum of Iran has led to the death of approximately twelve people, and many more were injured. There was a counterattack by the Iranians, and after a few hours, the attackers were pronounced dead. The revolutionary guards of Iran blames U.S and Saudi Arabia on the attacks. The president of the United States had met a revolutionary leader of Saudi a week before the attacks. The Iran government touted the attacks as a consequence of the meeting. However, the U.S. government released a statement that they are not behind these attacks and hold no responsibility or grudge against Iran. Hassan Rouhani, the president of Iran, said that terrorism is a global problem and all the countries must join hands to eradicate it. The Iranian leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei quipped that this attack would not influence their country in any way.

On a Wednesday morning, shooters armed with dangerous arms entered the parliament and opened fire. Immediately, the Iran forces took over and surrounded the parliament. The Iran forces denied the hostage situation. The gunmen entered the parliament disguised as women. People inside fled through windows and emergency exits. After some time, the security forces were victorious in killing the four assailants.

At the mausoleum, the gunmen opened fire. One attacker was killed by self-detonation of the suicide bomb, and the other was killed by security forces. The suicide bomber was a woman. Several automatic arms and magazines of modern weapons were seized from the attackers. Forty people were injured, and the estimated casualty was twelve. After this incident, the popularity of the revolutionary guards grew and Iran, Syria hardened their policy against IS. Many countries condemned the attacks and emergency was declared in Iran as it was a severe attack after many years. The attacks were to target the Sunni community. The IS posted videos of its attacks and claimed that they would return soon.

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