The ultimate movies of 2017 were La La Land and Moonlight. Finding Dory, Deadpool and Rogue one were the best pictures of 2016. Sometimes, movies with excellent casts and excellent storylines are not successful. BAFTA, Empire magazine and many others conducted a study and survey to pick up some of the best movies of all the time. The genres include family, romance, comedy, horror, etc.

Ø The movie Warrior, a 2002 release directed by Asif Kapadia won two BAFTA awards for its storyline. This is the story of a warrior in rural India trying to escape his past.
Ø A 2008 release, Hunger movie was directed by Steve McQueen. This movie shows the last week struggle of an IRA member. This was a BAFTA winner too.
Ø Red road movie was a 2006 release directed by Andrea Arnold. This is the story of female isolation.
Ø Me and Orson Welles was directed by Richard Linklater in 2008. The story is about a young man thrown into the New York circle of theatres.
Ø The reflecting skin was shot in 1990 set in rural America directed by Philip Ridley.
Ø Popatopolis, a 2009 release was directed by Clay Westervelt. This was understated in the beginning.
Ø In the mouth of madness movie was a 1994 release directed by John Carpenter. It is the story of a missing man, and an insurance agent goes to find him.
Ø The man from the Earth is an intellectual movie about immortality.
Ø Don McKellar’s Last night is a comedy about people prepping for the end of the world.
Ø The brother from another planet was a 1984 release by John Sayles. It is a science fiction movie.
Ø The streetwalker is an erotic movie demon seed movie of 1977 belongs to science fiction genre.
The other inspiring and beautiful films are:
Ø My life as a courgette
Ø The Hippopotamus
Ø Torrey Pines
Ø Mood Indigo
Ø King of Devil’s Island
Ø Bad taste
Ø Beautiful girls
Ø The last supper
Ø The Orphanage
Ø Living in oblivion
Ø Nightcrawler
Ø Adventure land
Ø One from the heart
Ø Void
Ø The island
Ø Wanda

The UNICEF and WHO has declared that the cholera outbreak is a massive one with over 2, 00,000 affected people by the disease. This country is already suffering from the after-effects of wars. The epidemic has led to the death of over 1300 people including one-quarter children. The figure is expected to rise. The dangerous disease has spread like wildfire in two months all over the constituencies. Almost 5000 new cases were reported a day. Due to the Houthi movement and oppression from Saudi Arabia, the country was under a thick loom. The hygienic conditions; health, water and sanitation systems were entirely a failure.

Yemen was dealing with the unofficial rule of the rebels. Their financial condition was critical. There was a severe shortage of food, drinking water, and the hospitals were filled beyond their capacity. No medication could prevent the children getting affected. The United Nations responded quickly by sending its teams from house to house. The medics explained the local people of all the care to be taken and the consequences of Cholera. But the people were helpless due to non-availability of clean food and water.

The moving pictures of the patients lying helplessly were sorrowful, but they did not get any immediate help or assistance from the other countries. Cholera is caused due to the bacteria Vibrio Cholera. It is a form of diarrhea caused due to the microbes in contaminated food and water. It makes the patients extremely weak and prone to other diseases. The disease is a life threat to the patients if they are left untreated. Efficient medication can help save the patients. The patients need nutritious food and clean water to recover from the disease. The population of Yemen is 28 million. 18 million people need humanitarian assistance, and the remaining population is suffering from famine.

It is alarming to know that young toddlers almost of four years age are suffering from mental health issues like anxiety, tension, panic attacks, depression, eating and sleeping disorders. The schools are struggling to provide help to such students. According to a survey, 98% of the school teachers and authorities have observed these traits in the students; preschoolers too are included in the category. The main issue here is the lack of professionals in mental health who can identify these symptoms in the children, and timely help is to be provided to the children so that it will not lead to any catastrophic situations.

Teenagers mostly undergo mental issues due to sudden exposure to the world and changing hormones. Even 13-14-year-old children are also prone to mental problems due to stress and strain. 18% of the votes point out towards difficulties in 4-7-year-olds. 35% people have observed the symptoms in the age group of 7 to 10. The meeting of National Association of head teachers’ has brought out flaws in the education system. There are no services or experts available to deal with the mental health of students. 22% of the teachers said that when they approached for help regarding mental issues of the children, they were not successful in finding a right solution.

Experts have suggested the government to provide training to the teachers in the aspect of mental health also. This issue is critical in the current society as the children have to deal with innumerable problems like sexual harassment, domestic violence, peer pressure, exploitation, etc. The symptoms if recognized and treated in time, the future of the child will be happy and secure. The school teachers should be well trained to handle any situation, and there should be a rapport between the health care providers and the school management.

A particular budget must be allocated to the department of mental health for students as mental issues make any child isolated and lead to instability in classes and obsessive-compulsive disorder.